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Weighting and Measuring your concrete test cylinders getting your lab down?

Does weighing and measuring your concrete test cylinders get your lab down? With time pressures building, overheads under review and many complicated processes to manage,  laboratories need all the help they can get.

With the new HMT-MS you can automate this process and significantly cut down on the tedious task of weighing, measuring and capturing results for your concrete test cylinders, whilst improving your accuracy and reducing the manual task hazards.

The HMT-MS Concrete Test Specimen Measuring Station from HM Technologies has been specifically designed for cement and concrete laboratories.  Using the latest technology in laser sensors with the ability to integrate with your QC system for:

 Accuracy, Repeatability, Ease of use, Efficiency and Safety

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HMT-MS Concrete Test Specimen Measuring Station

  • Accurate measurement and data recording
  • Edge measurement technology minimises errors due to craters in the sample surface
  • Data transmitted directly to QC system
  • Massive saving in measurement process time
  • Throughput rates of more than 180 test cylinders an hour
  • 400% productivity improvement
  • Accurate results ensure optimal mix costs
  • Headcount saving or re-focus staff on value adding tasks
  • Reduces the hazardous manual task
  • Improves Workplace Health and Safety

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