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HM AdmiXscale

Multi Compartment Chemical Admixture Scales

Fast, Accurate, Reliable, Traceable: Complete confidence that admixture dosages are correct

  • Designed specifically for the concrete industry
  • Ensures the highest degree of accuracy, reliability and tracability of admixture dosage
  • Proven  Accuracy  over traditional volumetric alternatives
  • Proven lower maintenance cost than traditional volumetric systems
  • Improved Speed and Control of batching admixtures
  • Accurate dispensing across full dosage range

  • No surprise Fail Safe Features
  • Proven relationship between scales and batch computer means what you see is what you get

  • Proven preferred and reliable dispensing process





Concrete Cylinder Weigh and Measure Station

Enables quick and accurate determination of Density – which is a key early indicator of concrete performance and compressive strengths

  • Uses the Latest Edge laser sensors for accuracy,  reliability and ease of use
  • Precision weighing system which ensures Weight accuracy better than 0.2%

  • Accuracy and repeatability data transferred directly to QC system
  • No double handling of data required
  • Efficiency 400% productivity improvement from manual measurement process
  • Ease of use, the operator simply places the cylinder on the station
  • Reduces manual task improved OH&S






Concrete Thermal Performance Management Solution

  • Stores Data securely on a cloud server and not on the logger
  • The ability to accurately, easily and confidently manage Mass Concrete and determine Concrete Maturity
  • Allows Proactive management of early age concrete performance
  • Ability to set Notification and warning perimeters
  • Data is pushed to a secure cloud base hosted web platform
  • Manage pours from your desktop – no need to go to site to set loggers or retrieve data
  • Sophisticated and easy to use management  dashboard
  • Allows ConXedge Licenced Specifiers, Engineers, Post Tentioners  live access to early age development information and graphs with user permission
  • Manage information not data the system translates data into useful management notification and reporting
  • Stores all historical data securely
  • Complete tractability and audibility of all events and data
  • Manage and Access data from anywhere
  • Saves Time and Money ensuring work to progress at the right time



Pivotal Edge

Ground Operated, Pneumatically Controlled Auto Manhole Cover for Tanks and Trailers

  • Fast and easy access when loading improves turn-around time
  • Easy installation, maintenance and operation
  • Field tested tough low maintenance and easy replacement of parts
  • Safe loading eliminates the requirement for drivers to climb onto tanks or platforms