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HM-WAM Concrete Cylinder Weigh and Measure Station


The HM-WAM Concrete Cylinder Weigh and Measure Station from HM Technologies has been specifically designed for  concrete laboratories, utilising the latest laser sensors and load cell technology ensuring a cylinder dimensioning process that is efficient, accurate, reliable and easy to manage.

HM-WAM Accuracy, Repeatability, Ease of use, Efficiency and Safety

Engineered to comply with AS/NZ Standards AS1012 and ASTM C39/C39M-05, the measuring station utilises edge measurement technology to minimise errors due to craters in the sample surface. Measurement is digital and is independent of temperature, surface texture, colour or dirt on lenses. With an ergonomic design, weigh and measurement cycle time of a few seconds, custom software interface to supply the measurement data directly to your LIMS software.  Throughput rates of more than 180 test cylinders an hour, are achievable.

Measuring Station for Test Cylinders designed to accurately measure the dimensions and mass of concrete test cylinders.

  • Accurate measurement and data recording
  • Accurate results ensure optimal mix costs
  • Data transmitted directly to QC system
  • Massive saving in measurement process time
  • Throughput rates of more than 180 test cylinders an hour
  • 400% productivity improvement
  • Head-count saving or re-focus staff on value adding tasks
  • Reduces the manual task
  • Improves Workplace Health and Safety

HM-WAM – the must have piece of Laboratory Test Equipment for concrete laboratories serious about accurate results.

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Traditional manual weigh and measure systems are slow and require continuous concentration in a very repetitive process. At times due to human error and typical laboratory time pressures short cuts may be taken, thus affecting the validity and accuracy of results. The HM-WAM weigh and measure station can handle all measurement and recording of critical data, the key human involvement is down to the correct placement of the cylinder on the station.  This means a massive saving in measurement process time and accuracy of the results.

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