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HM Technologies will be at the Concrete 2015 Melbourne exhibition



Turning Research into Practice

The theme

‘Construction Innovations: Research into Practice’

is particularly suited to our core product range of

Enabling technology solutions

Which allow companies to improve on quality, safety and productivity objectives

We are launching our latest innovation ConXedge the most comprehensive Mass Concrete and Concrete Maturity web based management and reporting solution:

conxedge logo 0212

The Web based Mass Concrete and Concrete Maturity system

ConXedge-web based concrete maturity

An intuitive and user friendly web based solution which enables effective and efficient management of the thermal characteristics of concrete, remotely, using web based technology. Turing complex and previously difficult to manage Mass concrete and Concrete maturity theory into a practical easy to use solution which transforms data into usable management information which is available live via a web platform to multiple authorized users through the critical path of early age strength development.


HMT-MS Weigh and Measure Station


Enabling technology that is efficient and accurate in the determination of density, a key early indicator of concrete performance, and compressive strengths through the dimensioning and weighing of concrete cylinders.




HMT Chemical Admixture Scale

HMT Admixture scales with weather proof cover removed
A flexible and cutomisable liquid dispensing scale ensuring high speed controllable admixture dosing with the highest degree of accuracy, reliability and traceability giving you complete confidence and certainty that dosages are correct. Saving time and money by reducing the risk of non-conformances and allowing optimal mix costs


Pivotal Edge Pneumatic Auto Hatch


Hatch Parc open

The number 1 selling auto hatch

System in Australia

The most operationally efficient pneumatic auto hatch system for dry bulk trailers.  Allows drivers to operate the loading hatch from the safety of the ground improving safety, asset utilization, whilst ensuring low maintenance and unit running costs.

We invite you to come and see Mark Mackenzie, Richard Hutt and Sandy Hughes at Booth 22 during the exhibition and we would love to show you how our innovative solutions will assist you your company. 

Come and see the new ConXedge thermal management solution with data loggers and live web interface for yourself and see how we have turned complex research and theory into an easy to use practical tool for managing early age concrete performance.


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