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Appropriate loading and unloading of trucks is everyones responsibility

The Pivotal Edge making it safe for drivers whilst loading at customer sites.

According to WHSQ ensuring there are safe and appropriate loading and unloading facilities on customer sites is everyone in the chains responsibility.  Find out more

“Everyone, including transport operators, customers, and supply chain partners, has a role to play at a customer site and they must work together to make it safe for drivers.

All persons in control of a business or undertaking have a duty of care to drivers and should consult, negotiate and cooperate with the other duty holders to:

  • identify and assess potentially hazardous manual tasks when arranging consignments. For example, finding out the loading and unloading conditions and facilities available at the customer site
  • include manual tasks provisions in customer contracts (see examples outlined below)
  • implement controls to eliminate or minimise hazardous manual tasks such as providing:
    • safe, close proximity access for drivers
    • appropriate loading and unloading facilities
    • mechanical handling aids that are suited to the tasks and are well maintained
    • safe work procedures

  • review site activities that may have changed to ensure controls are still appropriate.”

“Despite recent progress in the OH&S field, some operators still have to climb on top of the tank to access hatches below the level of their feet and operate cam handles and hatches by hand,” says Lionel Oxford, Heil Australia’s dry bulk expert, pointing out that the auto-hatch cover can be operated from the ground or even inside the cab. “That’s why we give our clients the option of specifying ladders, handrails and the auto-hatch cover for added safety. The auto-hatch is not a standard in the tipper tanker segment, but we do highly recommend it as a modern and affordable safety feature.”

Pivotal edge

The Pivotal Edge Auto Hatch offers a reliable and affordable engineering solution that will keep your drivers safe and on the ground during loading eliminating the working at height risks and reducing the manual task risks associated with loading dry bulk tankers.

Simply the safest Way to Load Pivotal Edge see for yourself, or contact us.

HM Technologies are the agents and distributors of the Pivotal Edge product in Australia, NZ, Asia and South Africa.

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