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Transport and storage is high risk

Workplace Health and Safety Queensland released the Transport and Storage industry report in February 2013

The report highlights that in Australia, transport and storage are one the most high-risk industries in terms of serious claims.

In 2009-10, the serious claim rate in transport and storage (24.0) was roughly double the national average (12.6). The report goes on to highlight that Truck drivers account for significantly more claims than any other occupation. The most significant injury clusters for truck drivers include falls from trucks and semi-trailers plus vehicle incidents. Click here to read the full report

In an effort to focus attention and improve injury rates due to falls from height the WHSQ is starting a Preventing Falls from Trucks campaign in April 2013

Pivotal Edge have developed automated pneumatically controlled hatches that operate from the ground

  • Reduces the working at height risks, there is no need for drivers to climb onto a tanker.
  • Reduces trip and fall risks, there is almost no need to climb up and down ladders and stairs or walk on top of tankers.
  • Reduces Slip hazards, there is no need for a driver to walk on top of a tanker which could be wet, icy or dusty.
  • Eliminating the Manual task of opening and closing hatches, there is no requirement for the driver to climb, bend down, loosen and lift hatches.

The Pivotal Edge Auto Hatch not only improves the safety of your drivers and operators, but also improves their efficiency.

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HM Technologies are the agents and distributors of the Pivotal Edge product in Australia, NZ, Asia and South Africa.

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