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The Pivotal Edge hatch operates automatically from a control at ground level improving driver safety during loading

“Eliminating the need to work at height is the most effective way of protecting workers from the risk of falls” WHS Managing Risk of Falls at Workplaces Code of Practice

According to the recently published WHSQ Transport and Storage workers industry report, the most significant injury clusters for truck drivers include falls from trucks and semi-trailers plus vehicle incidents.       Read the full WHSQ Industry report.

Employers are responsible….

for preventing work related injuries or disorders caused by manual tasks. ¹  “Training is not the most important method of preventing injuries and you should not rely upon training in the absence of modifying the task or eliminating risks whenever possible, i.e. always consider a design option as your first option for control”.

Referenced from Work Health and Safety Qld Manual Tasks

New Work Health and Safety laws

Over the past two years the new harmonised Work Health Safety Acts and Regulations have been adopted by the Commonwealth, Qld, NSW, ACT, NT, TAS and SA. The WHS Regulations speak  to the responsibilities of persons conducting a business or undertaking at a workplace have related to managing Hazardous Work in Chapter 4 and specifically refers in Part 4.2 to managing risks to health and safety relating to a musculoskeletal disorder associated with a hazardous manual task and in Part 4.4  managing risks to health and safety associated with a fall by a person from one level to another that is reasonably likely to cause injury. See Work Health Safety Act 2011 Regulations

Codes of Practice for managing hazardous manual tasks and the risks of falls from height WHS Hazardous Manual Task Code of Practice and WHS Managing Risk of Falls at Workplaces Code of Practice

Can you afford a workplace injury

WHSQ Calculate the real cost to your business

The Pivotal Edge offers a reliable engineering solution that will significantly reduce the risks of injury to your drivers and operators.