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Pivotal Edge – Fast, Tough, Easy and Safe
Truck Hatch


Fast  ‘Productivity improvement’

Tough ‘Low Maintenance cost’

Faster and easier access, drivers stay on the ground reducing time required to climb up onto the tanker or platform and manually open and close hatch for each load. Low maintenance, keeping moving parts to a minimum, ensures maintenance and service is kept to a minimum.
Faster turn around time, potential time saving of 10 minutes per load, depending on loading operation configuration. Easy replacement of parts, means there is no need for highly specialised installation crews.
Faster pumping out, the units are rated to be pressurized up to 2 bar allowing for safe, but faster discharging of loads improving truck or rail wagon turnaround. Built tough to last longer in the harshest operating environment, the base cover assembly has a rated life expectancy of 20 years operating at 2 Bar.
Faster cleaning of manhole, the air knife and purge functionality makes sure the manhole lip is cleaned  on sealing, ensuring low wear on seal and improving sealing reliability, whilst minimizing the requirement to clean the manhole lip. Low replacement rate on Seals, the seal contracts whilst the unit is open ensuring wear on the seal is minimised. Simulated factory testing demonstrates a seal life in excess of 100 000 cycles is achievable

Seal Life

Seal life expectancy is significantly reduced if installation of unit has not been carried out correctly. Or if the unit is not maintained correctly. If you are seeing lower than expected seal life call HM for some trouble shooting advice. 

Easy ‘Installation and operation’

Safe  ‘The safest way to load’

Easy to access control box unit is operated from the safety of the ground, up to 4 hatches can be individually controlled from one control box. The Pivotal Edge hatch opens automatically thereby eliminating the Manual task for drivers to open and close hatches.
Easy confirmation that the hatch and vessel are sealed, an open/close indicator light on the control box confirms the hatch is sealed and the load is ready for transport. There is no need for drivers to climb onto a tanker. Eliminating the risks of trips, slips and falls from a height.
Easy resealing and cleaning from the ground, purge functionality ensures the unit can be cleaned and resealed from the ground. No need to climb up stairs and ladders, busy drivers in metro regions may be required to climb up and down a ladder or stairs 6 to 8 times per day.
Easy and quick installation of manhole cover, the light-weight aluminium construction does not require any structural modifications to be installed or retro-fitted onto your trailers


Units can easily be retro-fitted on existing equipment if the manhole is not 20″. Pivotal Edge have developed a series of adapters including 18″, 20″; 4 to 6 lugs and 24″ Rail adapters all to ensure no cutting or welding is required.
Pivotal Edge the Safest way to load – accessing the top of a tanker is a high risk activity. The top can be wet, icy or dusty with potentially hazardous powders near the hatches. This environment can easily lead to serious slips and falls even if safety rails are in place.