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Truck Hatch

Design features that set the Pivotal Edge apart from the market:

  • Durable A356 aluminium design for the highest pressure ratings
  • Lid slides open supported by a HDPE replaceable slide. The hinge is not weight bearing.
  • Largest opening and lowest clearance provides for clearance when loading.
  • Low profile adds less than 1.5 inc (33.8 mm) to truck height over standard cover.
  • The optional air knife allows longer intervals between cleanings designed for the harshest loading environments and improving sealing reliability.
  • Multiple cover operation from One Control Box, up to 4 hatches on a truck unit can be individually controlled.Control box
  • Internal valve bypass to insure seal inflation.
  • Inflatable gasket that retracts when opening.
  • A vacuum is used to retract the seal, thereby ensuring abrasive wear on the seal is minimised.
  • Simulated tests indicate that a seal life of 100 000 to 140 000 cycles is achievable.
  • The units are rated to be pressurized up to 2 bar allowing for safe but faster discharging of loads improving truck or rail wagon turnaround.
  • The light-weight aluminium construction does not require any structural modifications to be installed on your trailers.
  • Units can easily be retro-fitted on existing equipment or installed on your new trailers and tankers.
  • The Pivotal Edge is fit for purpose for Dry bulk Rail Wagons
  • Pivotal Edge has developed a dual control specifically designed for the easy operation on rail wagons