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HM-WAM Concrete Cylinder Weigh and Measure Station – how this piece of laboratory equipment adds value



Accurate measurement and recording of data is critical

Accuracy and Repeatability


The HMT-MS ensures accuracy and repeatability, two critical elements required to give the technical manager confidence to optimize mix performance or costs without compromising quality. 400% productivity and throughput improvement is achievable versus manual processing. The system is capable of measuring 3 cylinders per minute.
Accurate results which are transferred directly into your data base or Quality Control system, eliminating double handling and data entry errors. Reduction in man-hours which could result in a head-count saving or the ability to use labour to focus on value adding tasks.
Measurement is digital and is independent of temperature, surface texture, colour of sample or dirt on lenses using the latest laser sensor technology ensuring total accuracy and repeatability. No double handling of information, as the data transfers directly into the lab Quality Control system. There is no need to write down results and capture data into the system, ensuring an efficient process and accurate recording of data.

Ease of Use


The HMT-MS is easy to use – the operator simply places the cylinder on the station and the system weighs and measures the cylinder. Either holding the data in the unit or transferring the data directly into the Quality Management system. The HMT-MS reduces the manual task associated with weighing and measuring test cylinders, the operator simply places and removes the cylinder from the measuring system.
Actual dimensions and weights are displayed in the HMT-MS specimen measuring station. This allows the system to operate in stand-alone mode. Optional Stainless Steel Stand with removable dust and grit trays is stable and ergonomically designed to minimize fatigue, making the work space even easier to keep clean.