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Does your laboratories concrete cylinder dimensioning weigh up?

Weighing and measuring those concrete cylinders getting you down?

Weighing and measuring concrete cylinders is a  routine and repetitive  task that most would prefer to avoid if it were not such a critical element in managing concrete design and performance. Besides the  boredom of the task, the waste of valuable labor resources and the manual task injury risks how confident are you that your concrete cylinder dimensioning results  are accurate and reliable.

As a Concrete Technical Manager you need to be confident that the data you are analysing is consistent and accurate or you could make the wrong decisions and in the main  incorrect decisions have a financial impact. These financial impacts may be seen in over designing  of mixes, or worse concrete failures in the field.

HM Techno would like to introduce you to the

HMT-MS Concrete Test Specimen Measuring Station



The HMT-MS Concrete Test Specimen Measuring Station has been specifically designed for concrete laboratories, using the latest technology in laser sensors for:

Accuracy, Repeatability, Ease of use, Efficiency and Safety

Engineered to comply with AS/NZ Standards AS1012 and ASTM C39/C39M-05, the concrete cylinder measuring station utilises edge measurement technology to minimise errors due to craters in the sample surface. Measurement is digital and is independent of temperature, surface texture, colour or dirt on lenses.

What the HMT- MS will do for your Lab

  • Accurately  weigh and measure concrete cylinders in a few seconds
  • Ensure  confidence in your results
  • Ensure the right concrete design decisions are made
  • Significantly improve concrete cylinder dimensioning processing time
  • Effective use of your labor
  • Reduce manual task injury risks in your lab
  • Reduce double or triple handling of data

HMT-MS the must have piece of Lab equipment for those serious

about their results.

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