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Pivotal Edge have developed automated pneumatically controlled hatches that operate from the ground, significantly reducing the risk of driver and operator injury, whilst improving efficiency in particular truck turn around time.  Manually opening your covers wastes valuable time and puts your drivers at risk.

Fast, Tough, Easy and Safe

The Pivotal Edge manhole covers are suitable for pressure vessels, and in particular rail, road tankers and trailers, supplying bulk products – customers include carriers of cement, fly ash, Slag, Hydrated Lime, Lime, Grain, sand and mining concentrates.

Pivotal Edge is a ground operated, pneumatically controlled manhole cover for Tanks and Trailers

  • Work safely on the ground
  • Faster loading cycles
  • No climbing, or opening and closing manhole covers
  • Inflatable gasket maintains a positive seal
  • Lowest profile design
  • No welding required for installation
  • Compatible with most 20 inch manholes
  • Easily retro-fitted on existing equipment or installed on your new tankers

Load faster and safely with the Pivotal Edge!

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The Pivotal Edge :

“Eliminating the need to work at height is the most effective way of protecting workers from the risk of falls” WHS Managing Risk of Falls at Workplaces Code of Practice

HM Technologies are the agents and distributors for the Pivotal Edge products in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Africa for sales in other regions or more information please go to the Pivotal Edge Website

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